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Designed for Comfort and Functionality

Makes Your Digital Note-Taking
as Soothing as Writing on a Physical Paper.



Thanks to Flooth’s integrated USB C hub, your tablet can have constant access to a power supply, camera or external storage media, without the need for an external USB C adapter. Enjoy seamless workflow as you edit pictures and save your work hassle-free. Keep your tablet connected to a power source for uninterrupted focus, without the charging cable ever getting in your way.

No Edge

With Flooth, working comfortably becomes a priority, whether you are left or right-handed. The surface is textured to give you a good grip, and structured so you can easily reach any spot on your tablet. As Flooth and your tablet screen are positioned on the same level, transition between the two is continuous and fluid, giving you the feeling of working on a sheet of paper or graphics tablet.

Set 3_1.png
Set 6_1.png

Set Up

Docking a tablet to your Flooth is quick and simple. Lock it in place with a single motion. The Flooth frame is designed in such a way that your tablet cannot slide back out on its own. Additionally, an indent accommodates for the camera on the back of your tablet, keeping it clean and safe from scratching.

Tablet Sizes

Flooth comes in two sizes, one for tablets measuring 10 to 11 inches and one for 12 inch tablets. No need to adapt to Flooth when it adapts to your specific needs and prioritizes your comfort while writing or drawing.




  • iPad Pro 11" 5. Generation

  • iPad Pro 11" 4. Generation

  • iPad Pro 11" 3. Generation

  • iPad Air 5. Generation

  • iPad Air 4. Generation

Set 12.png
  • iPad Pro 11" 5. Generation

  • iPad Pro 11" 4. Generation

  • iPad Pro 11" 3. Generation

  • iPad Air 5. Generation

  • iPad Air 4. Generation

Set 12_ohne_Anschlüsse.png
  • iPad Pro 12.9" 5. Generation

  • iPad Pro 12.9" 4. Generation

  • iPad Pro 12.9" 3. Generation


Smart tablets have become our constant companions. With every aspect of our lives being digitized, many people crave the comforting feeling of jotting their thoughts down on paper. This is one reason why tablet pens are now commonplace and screen protectors that mimic the feel of paper are gaining popularity. But why is it that so often we still use a physical notepad for sketching and writing?

This is where Flooth comes in.

Flooth will finally make you feel like you’re working with an actual sheet of paper. It provides a stable support surface for your hand, allowing you to draw or write comfortably for hours on end. While you would otherwise need to keep constant strain on your wrist to stay in line with your tablet screen, Flooth removes the need for tension and the reduces the risk of pain and cramps in your fingers and hands.

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